Technology Advances Accelerate Adoption Of IP-Based Surveillance & Security Systems

By Cynthia FreschiSeptember 22, 2008  It wasn’t very long ago that some in the industry were forecasting that IP video surveillance systems would be a long time in gaining ground over traditional analog video surveillance systems. Initial forecasts placed IP systems growing at the rate of roughly 5% a year. Although formal statistics are very… Read more »

The Halifax Group Partners with Management to Recapitalize Nutrition Physiology Corporation

DALLAS, TX – September 16, 2008 – The Halifax Group, L.L.C. (“Halifax”) announced today a new partnership with the management of Nutrition Physiology Corporation (“NPC”), a leading marketer and supplier of direct-fed-microbial feed additives to feedlots and dairies. NPC’s patented, Bovamine products are fed to more than four million beef cattle and 400,000 dairy cows… Read more »