Envision Pharma Group

Company: Envision Pharma Group Industry:  Pharma Services Date of Initial Investment: June 2013 Date of Exit: July 2016   Company Overview Founded in 2001, Envision Pharma Group (“Envision”) is an innovative global technology and medical affairs company serving the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Envision offers an attractive blend of solutions including strategic publication planning… Read more »

Maverick Healthcare Group, Inc.

Company: Maverick Healthcare Group, Inc. Industry:  Home Health Services Date of Initial Investment: February 2005 Date of Exit: October 2007   Company Overview  Maverick Healthcare Group, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Mesa, AZ, is a leading provider of diversified home healthcare products and services in the Southwest. Maverick offers a full range of home… Read more »

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.

Company: Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc. Industry:  Auto Service & Franchising Date of Initial Investment: August 2003 Date of Exit: June 2005   Company Overview Meineke Car Care Centers, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a nationwide franchisor of automotive service centers. Through its franchise system, the company services approximately 2.2 million… Read more »

Nutrition Physiology Company (“NPC”)

Company: Nutrition Physiology Company (“NPC”) Industry:  Natural Products/Agribusiness Date of Initial Investment: September 2008 Date of Exit: February 2016   Company Overview Founded in 1993, Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC (“NPC”) is the leading supplier of direct-fed microbials (nutritional feed additives or “probiotics”) to the commercial livestock industry. The market leader in feedlots and dairies with a quickly… Read more »

PJ United Holdings, Inc.

Company: PJ United Holdings, Inc. (PJU) Industry:  Franchising Date of Initial Investment: November 2007 Date of Exit: January 2014   Company Overview Founded in 1991, PJU is the largest owner and operator of Papa John’s International pizza franchises. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, the company operates 155 locations across 10 states. Papa John’s International, Inc. (NASDAQ:… Read more »

Service Champ

Company: Service Champ, Inc. Industry:  Auto Aftermarket / Distribution Date of Initial Investment: April 2010 Date of Exit: April 2012   Company Overview Service Champ, founded in 1984, is the largest independent distributor of light vehicle maintenance parts and accessories to oil change shops in North America. Service Champ distributes recurring, consumable items such as… Read more »

Soil Safe, Inc.

Company: Soil Safe, Inc. Industry:  Environmental Services Date of Initial Investment: June 2003 Date of Exit: September 2005   Company Overview Soil Safe, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Columbia, MD, provides environmental services to treat soils containing low levels of non-hazardous hydrocarbons and render them safe to be recycled and used in other industrial projects…. Read more »

Taylor Logistics, LLC

Company: Taylor Logistics, LLC Industry:  Logistics / Infrastructure Date of Initial Investment: September 2006 Date of Exit: May 2010   Company Overview Taylor is a provider of crude logistics services and is the largest independent crude oil hauler in the U.S. Taylor picks up crude oil from remote or low output wells, then transports it… Read more »

Halifax Announces the Sale of PJ United

Marks Successful Exit of the Largest Franchisee of Papa John’s Pizza WASHINGTON, DC – January 9, 2014 – The Halifax Group, a leading private equity firm that partners with management to invest in growing entrepreneurial companies, announced today that it has sold PJ United to management and TPG Growth.  Terms of the sale were not disclosed.  PJ United is… Read more »

Halifax Partners With Management to Recapitalize Golden State Overnight

Provider of Overnight Delivery Services Primed for Growth DALLAS, TX — January 8, 2014  —  Leading private equity firm The Halifax Group (“Halifax”) announced today that it partnered with senior management to recapitalize Golden State Overnight (“GSO”). GSO is a leading regional provider of overnight delivery services to every address in California and metropolitan regions of Nevada and… Read more »