When was Halifax established?

In 1999 David W. Dupree, a Managing Director and Partner at The Carlyle Group, along with David Bonderman, founder of TPG Capital, identified a growing opportunity to invest in mid-sized businesses and assist entrepreneurs with growing their enterprises. By applying large fund experience, networks and capabilities to the lower middle market, Halifax sought to differentiate itself from other funds in the space.

Where does the name “Halifax” come from?

Halifax, North Carolina is our namesake. It is the birthplace of The Halifax Resolves, a forerunner to the Declaration of Independence that articulated the terms around which the colony would secede from British rule. In much the same way, Halifax’s founders believed their approach to investing would be a declaration of independence from their larger firms while applying their experience

Why does Halifax focus on the lower middle market?

As the private equity industry matured and evolved, larger firms vacated the lower middle market to focus on more sizeable investments, and very few investment professionals with global experience and relationships remained focused on the lower middle market.  Seeing an opportunity to invest alongside a growing number of owner-operated businesses, the founders of Halifax set out to apply their “large cap know-how” to the unique issues that accompany transactions with family-owned and entrepreneurial businesses.

What is Halifax’s typical deal size?

For platform investments, Halifax prefers to invest $40mm – $80mm of equity in businesses with
$5mm – $30mm EBITDA and $50mm – $300mm total enterprise value.

What are Halifax’s areas of industry focus?

Halifax professionals maintain expertise in three primary industry areas: Business Services, Health and Wellness, and Infrastructure. In addition to these sectors, we have a special interest in specific business models such as Franchising, and have made several successful investments in franchisors and a franchisee.  For additional details, please click on the following link:  Investment Criteria

How involved is Halifax in the companies in which you invest?

Where needed, we are involved investors whose goal is to establish a collaborative partnership with the management team through our presence on the board of directors. We may provide acquisition support, capital sourcing, and nationwide executive resources, depending on the unique needs of each business.  We believe the day-to-day operations are best left to the management team.

What are the key criteria you employ in selecting investments?

We generally make control investments in businesses that are market leaders in stable industries with identifiable growth drivers. We look to invest $40 mm – $80 mm of equity alongside owners and managers of companies with total enterprise value between $50 mm and $300 mm and $5 mm – $30 mm of EBITDA.  To learn more about our areas of industry focus, please see Investment Criteria.

Are your investments solely in the United States?

Almost all of our portfolio companies are headquartered in the U.S.  We have the ability to invest selectively outside of North America. At various times, our portfolio investments have had a presence in over 20 countries and employed over 10,000 people.  We do not actively solicit stand-alone investments overseas.

Does Halifax make minority investments?

Halifax is a control investor.

How can I introduce an investment opportunity to Halifax?

Acquisition opportunities or inquiries may be directed to Chris Cathcart in our Washington office.  He can be reached at 202-530-8300 or ccathcart@thehalifaxgroup.com.